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College Grinds Cork Introduction

College Grinds Cork is Cork’s only grinds company dedicated to catering for third level students.

We provide focused tuition of the highest standard to ensure students achieve their full potential and acquire the best results that they are capable of achieving. At College Grinds Cork, we use tutors who are experts in their field and range from tutors with post-graduate qualifications, to those who have worked in their area at the highest level. We place specific emphasis on good presentation and communication ensuring a blend of expert knowledge and effective communication so that you, the student, benefit to the fullest.

Who Would Benefit?

If you are a third level student, you can benefit from grinds with College Grinds Cork!

From students who are struggling with specific sections of their course to those with a competitive edge who simply want to be amongst the higher achievers within their class, from the full-time undergraduate to the part-time student with a full-time job...if you are studying a third-level course, College Grinds Cork can help!


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