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Main Areas of Study

The nature of third-level education being what it is, it is rare that any two third-level courses are exactly the same. However while courses may not be identical, certain courses can be seen as being within the same general area of study.

Business, Economics and Accounting

College Grinds Cork has tutors specialising in the areas of Commerce, Economics, Finance and Accounting, amongst others. If you are studying full-time or part-time in a business related course, please contact us – we can help!

Engineering & Construction

College Grinds Cork has tutors in a range of engineering disciplines such as Civil/Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic/Electrical Engineering, amongst others. We also cater for other disciplines within the Construction Sector such as Quantity Surveying, Construction Management and Drafting. If you are studying an engineering or construction based course please contact us – we can help!

Mathematics, Computing and Science

College Grinds Cork has tutors specialising in various disciplines within the areas of mathematics, science and computing, including computer science and programming. If you are undertaking a course within this particularly challenging sector, please call us – we can help!


College Grinds Cork has tutors proficient in various languages, including English, Irish, German, French and many more. So whether you are a foreign student taking a course in Ireland, or an Irish student taking a course with a foreign language, please contact us – we can help!

Other Areas of Study

What if your course does not come under one of the four broad areas of study outlined above? Contact us!!!
College Grinds Cork is continuously expanding its areas of expertise and service. Just because you’re course doesn’t come under one of the four headings above does not mean that we cannot help. And if we don’t currently do grinds in your area...we’ll do our best to start, with you as our first customer!



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