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Who We Are

College Grinds Cork is Cork’s only grinds company dedicated to catering for third level students. The company was established in 2009 by three friends who recognised that there was very little help available to third level students requiring extra tuition in their area of study.

What We Do

College Grinds Cork provides extra help and tutoring for those students who feel they may benefit from such a service. The company endeavours to provide focused grinds of the highest standard in each area of study for which it caters. Our aim is to help students to achieve their full potential and acquire the best results that each student is capable of achieving.

How We Do It

1) Top Class Tutors:
College Grinds Cork achieves this goal by seeking out tutors who are experts in their field. From tutors who have completed post-graduate studies, to those who have worked in their area at the highest level, College Grinds Cork provides tutors with exceptional knowledge in their field to give you the expert guidance you require.

2) Importance of Presentation and Communication:
What sets College Grinds Cork apart is the company ethos of good presentation and communication. College Grinds Cork realises that it is not adequate to simply provide tutors who are experts in their profession – we see it as being fundamentally important that each tutor has the ability to clearly and effectively share that knowledge with each student. Therefore the company works with each tutor to achieve this blend of expert knowledge and effective communication to ensure you, the student, benefit to the fullest.

3) Student Feedback:
To us the most important person is the student. That is why it is company policy to obtain feedback on a regular basis from you, the student, to ensure our service is at its best and that we have your full satisfaction.



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